Ripened-Sapindus-Mukorossi What are soapberries? Soapberries, or soap nuts, are a fruit grown on the Sapindus mukorossi tree. They naturally contain soapy substances called saponins.

Do soapberries have a fragrance? Our soapberries do not have any added fragrances.

Should I use soapberries if I have sensitive skin? Soapberries work well for sensitive skin and conditions like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, because they do not have added chemicals.

Are soapberries edible? Although they are a fruit, do not consider soapberries edible. If ingested, they may cause stomach and gastrointestinal pain and discomfort. Keep them out of reach of children and pets for this reason, as well as preventing the possibility of choking.

Are soapberries useful for more than laundry? Yes! Soapberries can be used to make liquid soaps such as hand soap, body wash, and floor cleaner. For ideas and recipes, check out our blog (click on the ‘Blog’ tab above).

Do Soapberries need to dry between machine wash loads? No, they can go directly from one wash to the next without any stops between.

What will happen to my dryer if soapberries get in it?  Soapberries only activate when they are wet, so accidentally putting them in the dryer won’t affect your laundry or dryer.

What should I do with ‘spent’ soapberries? There are three main ways to dispose of soapberries when their soapy qualities diminish. Throw them in the trash bin, throw them in the compost pile, or throw them in the green waste bin.