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“My newborn had a terrible rash. Thank goodness I had Soapberries!”

My newborn had a terrible rash. Thank goodness I had Soapberries! My son’s skin was irritated and rashy red because I washed his first clothes in ‘regular’ detergent. Using Soapberries made his skin clear up immediately, and it kept the baby smell in his clothes (which I love!)
-Jenna A.

It all began with a question

In 2009 we had a question, “What if we develop soap for  the ultimate sensitive skin type–a soap that is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) friendly?” That’s where it all began for Purogenics. We soon created our dish soap and hand soap line (no longer in production), especially designed for MCS use.

Our Mission Became Clear

Once we gained a footing in creating healthful, helpful products, we knew our company’s purpose: to provide natural, clean, and cruelty-free product options. 

Where We are Today

Now we are in a constant process of brainstorming needs we can meet, researching the best ways to meet those needs, and developing quality products to fulfill our mission.



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